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Why is Blood so difficult to clean?

Why is Blood so difficult to clean?

Feb. 16 2021 by Michael Weinblatt


When coming across a scene where blood is present, it can be very intimidating. Not only is blood dangerous to come in contact with, it is very stubborn to clean and disinfect. Bio One NW Indianapolis specializes in blood cleanup and disinfection. 


Why is blood so hard to clean?

Blood's ability to stain fabric, seep into materials such as floors or walls, and it's ability to bind into anything it comes in contact with, makes it very difficult to clean and disinfect.


Why is blood so dangerous? 

Blood borne pathogens pose many risks to health such as HIV, HPV, HCV, and many others. When blood is present, anyone has a risk to exposure. It is important to know the ability that blood poses as a risk to health and safety. It is also dangerous to be near blood, because if in the vicinity of blood, it is possible for blood borne pathogens to come in contact through inflation.


Why trust Bio-One NW Indianapolis?

At Bio-One NW Indianapolis, we use special chemicals to help not only clean, but disinfect blood no matter what material it is on. We also use sophisticated PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), such as respirators, gloves, booties, and biohazard suits, etc. Our certified technicians have received training on how to handle situations such as this, as well plenty of first hand experience. 



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